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“Reshoring” is the term given to the repatriation to Ireland or Europe, of the manufacture of goods destined for our local markets. Over the last few decades, considerable manufacturing has transferred to the Far East, for reasons of cost, but with the steady increase of those costs as well as the persistent issue of lead-times, this process has been slowing down and even reversing.

It depends on the industry, of course, but there is often a very compelling case to be made for reshoring, when all factors are taken into account.

Opportunity - Make it Better!

mSemicon examines reshoring opportunities on a case by case basis and can advise clients when it makes economic sense. In addition, in the event that it does and mSemicon is involved in the redesign for manufacture in Ireland, it can also advise on the opportunity that exists for potential product enhancement.

If you have a product that is being manufactured in a faraway location, and is due for an upgrade of some sort, why not give us a call to discuss what we can do at home?