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Product Development

mSemicon is very active in the area of full product development. We combine our technical skills in the areas of electronic and mechanical engineering, with software engineering, where appropriate, to develop complete products.

The products are either components of larger systems and or stand-alone products.


Ask us!

mSemicon can work with you to develop your concept or idea and turn it into a successful product. We ask the questions that need to be asked and make sure they are answered. We advise on what is possible and what is not, economically and technically. We can estimate what the product will cost, before you even start. If certification is going to be an issue, we ensure that this is addressed.


As for manufacture: we supply, so we make sure your product is designed for manufacture and is not just a prototype.

State Assistance

In the event that your company qualifies for State assistance from the likes of Enterprise Ireland, we can help make sure that the best use is made of that assistance.

Please call or email and we would be delighted to discuss it, with no obligation on your part.