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mSemiconmSemicon is a full-service electronics sub-assembly supplier. Most of our electronic products are manufactured at facilities that are at least ISO9001 certified and are tested to the highest standards.

Production runs can be anywhere from a single unit to thousands of units depending on the application. mSemicon‘s focus is on the manufacturability of a product, as well as the cost.


Components are sourced from all over the world, typically Europe, North America and the Far East.


mSemicon prepares test fixtures for each volume produced item in order to simplify and standardise the testing process in manufacturing. The greater the volume, the more the automation.


Lead-times, i.e. the time it takes to receive components following their ordering, can be very long, even six months in some cases. This has an important bearing on initial production runs. So, during the introduction of a new product mSemicon works with its clients in order to overcome this issue as much as possible.